Call for Abstracts VELO-CITY 2018

Introduction & Main Theme

Velo-city conference series’ next stop: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Coming to South American for the first time, Velo-city 2018 will focus on the main theme Access to Life, linked to the overall goal of cycling inclusion. Building on topics of previous Velo-city conferences such as Health, Infrastructure, Technology, Governance and Data, Velo-city 2018 in Rio de Janeiro will explore the fusion of these discourses through cycling inclusion.

The storyline of the conference can be summarized as such: Learn do Live in order to achieve Happiness and Quality of Life, for that we need to Integrate Life and Transport generating a Lively Economy. The city of the future is a city with Access to Life.


With Access to Life at the center, the over-arching themes of Health, Infrastructure, Technology, Governance and Data are made to fit through the four sub-themes: Learn to Live, Happiness and Quality of Life, Integrating Life and Transport, Lively Economy.

Learn to Live

Looks at how we learn to live together, through the lens of mobility.

  • Focus on development, with the inclusion of sports as an educational tool
  • Education of traffic, cyclists, drivers, pedestrians
  • Learning to share public space and learning to live in diversity
  • Learning to influence decision makers
  • Assessing and understanding role of civil society organizations
  • Behavior Change
  • Shared Space
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Campaigning - Behavior change campaing and marketing and advertising
  • Road safety

Happiness and Quality of Life

Broadens the idea of health to include mental and physical health, as well as environmental health.

  • Urban Health
  • Physical and Mental Well-Being
  • Leisure
  • Tourism
  • Urban Planning
  • Design and Health Impacts
  • Road safety

Integrating Life and Transport

Integrating people through transportation and through different modes of transportation.

  • Intermodality
  • Technology
  • Tools for Integration
  • Social Integration
  • Access to Transport
  • Suburbanization
  • Governance of intermodality
  • Infrastructure/ segregated cycle lanes vs. shared space
  • First and Last Mile Connectivity
  • Transport as one System
  • The roll of the bicycle on integration
  • Walking and Cycling in TOD, the role of Infrastructure
  • E-Bikes
  • Bike Sharing Systems

A Lively Economy

Link between economics and transport going beyond theory and into life and practice.

  • Economic side of transport
  • Focus on accessibility
  • Growth / job creation
  • Behavior economics
  • Cargo Bike / Delivery / Freight
  • Industry
  • Smart Cities
  • Corporate Bikes
  • Bike Sharing Systems
  • Fiscal System (incentive fiscal)
  • Shopping by Bicycle
  • Congestion
  • E-bikes
  • Mega cities

Session Formats

Velo-city 2018 will focus on creating interaction and discussion through various formats for presentations. Formats are subject to change*.


Lecture format will involve 3-4 speakers presenting in-depth about their topic to an audience. Sessions will involve questions/discussions either after each speaker or at the end in the form of a panel.


Workshop format goes in-depth into a project or activity/research with 1-2 people presenting in detail their work. Participants are then able to ask questions, learn and share with the expert.

Speed Dating

Speed dating format involves one-to-one discussions between speakers and participants. They will occur in the middle of the conference area, not in a separate room, allowing for high-level of interaction.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha format is a quick-paced format involving a timed powerpoint presentation of 20 slides for 30 seconds each. Speakers must be well prepared because once the time runs out…the next speaker is up!

Round Table

Round table format is an in-depth discussion on a general theme – a different speaker leads the discussion at each table. Participants are able to change tables to join another speaker after a set amount of time.

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion will focus on questions from the audience, who will be able to send questions ahead of time. The discussion is moderated by an expert in the field. Focus is more on interaction between speakers/panelists and moderated input from the audience rather than presentations.


Velo-city 2018 is pleased to invite all experts from around the world to share their research, experience, and insights with a global audience.


All submissions must be in English. The presentation itself may be done in English, Portuguese or Spanish as live translation will be available during the conference.

Abstracts should comprise the following elements:

Sub Theme:
Choose Sub Theme that best suits your submitted abstract
The paper title should be written in English.
The abstract should be as informative as possible. The purpose of this abstract is to inform the reviewing committee who will rate the abstract based on selected criteria. The author should make clear what will be presented on. Please make sure that the abstract makes reference to the theme and relevant sub-themes that are applicable to the topic. The abstract must be under 250 words maximum.
If there is more than one author, indicate the co-authors(s). (only one person may present if selected)
Please select in which language the presentation will be done (will not be used as criteria).

Selection Criteria

Velo-city 2018 is looking for submissions that show original research, project results, ideas, campaigns, etc.

  • Abstracts should make reference to at least one sub-theme.
  • Abstracts must be written in English, even if the presentation will be done in Portuguese or Spanish.

Application Process

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Step 2: Log in

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Please note:

Important Dates:

Description Period
Abstract Submission November 05th, 2017 (23:59 UTC -3:00)
Acceptance Notification December 11th, 2017
Conference Date June 12-15, 2018 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil